20 April, 2008

Hip-Hop Generation and New Nepal

The other day I was online and talking with a junior relative of mine in Nepal. As the CA Election result is still a hot cake we began to share view about it.

Though I was not astonished by the sudden Maoist victory this time, but had and still have doubt about how they will handle the nation.

During the short "chat" I found that Nepalese youth; which I am calling the Hip-Hop Generation are very much hopeful and are in blind support of Maoist.

As we are all free and are also free to carry-over any ideologies, isms or support a particular party, group of organization, I found that the blind support of the Hip-Hop Generation to Maoist is a basic and main cause of their victory this time.

"Now the New Nepal will be constructed!" he was flying in his dreamland and telling me that how our country will become a Developed nation in a short period.

As it was not possible for me to drag him up to the thinking level of mine, I just joked and asked " well … tell me where it will be constructed?" , I just gave him an example of New Baneshwar and Old Baneshwar and asked him in which empty land the so called "New Nepal" is being built. "No Big bro!… you don't understand… this is a completely a new concept!".

I told him that "Mao died in 9th. September 1976 and it is already more than half a century that his ism was introduced" and again asked him that how it is a new concept"

He became answer less… just to freshen his mood and give continuity, I threw another card " Yes like America purchased Alaska… we can also buy some land…"

He interrupted my lines with a big surprise "….What ???, Alaska was purchased by America? from whom???". I just laughed and asked him to search the net for detail. But his spirit and enthusiasm was in it's zenith " No Big bro!.., you will see …. our economic will boom in short period…"

I just asked him to get thorough and basic knowledge of Nepal's economic condition and reminded him that

  • Only 30% of Nepal's population have easy access to all weather roads
  • Where, average annual rate of inflation is about 6%,
  • 24%of population lives below US$1 a day/income,
  • GDP per capita average annual growth rate is only 1.9%,
  • Population living below the national poverty line is about 42%,
  • There is only about 7,080 Km of Highway, 52 Km of railroad and only one international airport
  • And the scaring data of population growth is still above 2.4%.

I told him these are just few data's and static's, and our country's market is 'alive' hardly due to the "remittance" .

" No Big bro!, we'll make it…", he was still hopeful that, a magic will happen and everything will be changed. It was clear enough for me that he only had dreams and 'goals' without any means and practical methodology to achieve it.

It seemed to me that all The Hip-Hop Generations were never aware of these fundamental facts and are only flying high in the seventh sky thinking that what the leaders promise in election time will become reality with a magic stick.

I also do wish that Nepal will be transformed (I am using the term "transformation" because I understand that we can't built a 'New Nepal' as no more Alaska's are on sale now, where we can construct it) for betterment and whoever does this great work will be remembered in Nepalese history, without any prejudice of ism, ideology or doctrine, but I feel pity over these Hip-Hop Generation who only have wings to fly but no foot to walk in the ground.


  1. सबैको आ-आफ्नै विचार हुन्छ !

  2. I didn't imagine hip-hop generation too was for maoists. It reminded me the year 2048. 'Hip-hop' guys of that time (with Dingo shoes and long hair) were all for Madan Bhandari in KTM.

    One reason may be the enthusiasm of young age, which is easily attracted to something new and unknown. Other reason is that our education system has failed to instill some analytic capability in youth.

  3. प्रतिक्षा22/4/08 4:33 PM

    nepalko economic condition ko barema ta pura research garnubha raicha ni ta. tapaile bhane jasto magic stick naghumai e problemharu ghatna "muskil hi nahi namumkin hain."

  4. What a generalization - Hip Hop generation!
    It's like mocking all the older guys as Mithun Generation.http://dacharya.blogspot.com/
    मेरो बिचार र अभिव्यक्तिको साझा चौतारी